Systemcom Co Ltd is specializing in radio communication system integrator, with more than decades professional experience and technique, Systemcom provide system design and requirement for the unique and customized solution, in which leads Systemcom as leading role in this field.

We have represented considerable and honorable brands with wireless IP base transmission, radio communication, microwave, multiple transmission and access, broadcasting equipment, and for military uses as monitoring, surveillance, direction finder and electronic intelligence system for customer total solution. We also provide solution for emergency and rescue operation usage, such as antenna mast with lightening, COFDM+ IP wireless by fast implementation and set up

Kenwood provide radio communications subscribers and infrastructure, as from simple and single operation to customized total solution, for analog/digital radio communication as group, wide-area trunking system, including portable, mobile, base station and repeater. The customer will be for the Special Forces like, police, fire units, rescue, emergency, intelligence force, military forces and coast guard, and civil, industrial users as well.

The main products of Raytheon JPS Communications are Integrated Communication Systems, IP-based radio gateways and radio signal voters. Systemcom has successfully promoted and sold many of their integrated communication systems to the local arm forces, and all of them are currently running on a 24/7 basis. Their IP-based radio gateways can be integrated into all type of radios, no matter it is new or old, and can also be integrated into their integrated communication systems, providing a great convenience when integration of multiple and different type of communication systems are required.

Based on involvement in a number of standardization and regulation organizations, we are providing our customers with innovative products equivalent to their needs throughout the complete development process until the final product launch. We are proud of our highly-qualified employees and our long standing experience which has enabled us to reach stability and continuity.

Together with branch offices located at central (Taichung), southern (Kaohsiung) and eastern (Hualien) in Taiwan; Systemcom provides the most efficient and satisfied service for customer all over Taiwan with the sales and after-sales service.

Looking into the market trend, customized radio communication integrated with value-add system to be the market trend, Systemcom become the System Integrator to provide total solution for customer need.

We have successfully provided the system integration in many projects, with conventional radio communication system, APCO 25 digital radio communication, HF DF radio monitoring system, Ground to Air radio communications V/UHF, Surveillance & video transmission,  Wireless Network Transmission, Spindle mast... customized design system for user requirement.

Systemcom is not just distributor for buy and sales, but also system integration provider for customer total solution